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A Brief Tour of Our Consulting Service Managed Properties

These are some examples of waterfowl habitats that we have helped landowners develop. We have created plans and developed wetland habitats for waterfowl across the south. All attract many wintering ducks and other wildlife.

We will analyze, design, and supervise construction of your site. From water sources, soil types, plants (good and bad), levee and water control designs and location preference.

Our sites will attract the ducks... THE DUCK STOPS HERE!!


 AS CONSULTANTS, Berry Land Company works hard to help buyers find the right property to develop for waterfowl hunting and wetland habitat.

We understand the habitat and forage needs of waterfowl and game-birds and can help you find the property and design a plan to attract waterfowl to your property.

We work with owners to provide a detailed plan on how to develop and manage waterfowl habitat.

If you have needs related to wildlife, habitat development and management, or wetlands management we can be of service to you.

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